Best Software Testing Course Training in Hyderabad

Upgrade your professional career and advance in the software testing industry with the best software testing course training in Hyderabad @ 3Zenx.

Elevate your professional destiny and rise in the software testing industry with the best software testing course training in Hyderabad @ 3Zenx.

software testing

Why 3Zenx?

We pride ourselves on having a team of knowledgeable and skilled trainers on staff. We make a great effort in designing our training programmes to bring in the newest methods, technologies, and best practices for testing. In the testing field, staying current with industry changes is essential. We provide our students with the resources they need to be successful in the rapidly changing software testing field, from automated frameworks to manual testing. Our training materials are updated frequently to take into account the latest advancements in testing methods, tools, and technology. Being a member of 3zenx means joining a dynamic and encouraging learning community.

Software testing

Secure your spot in one of the highly desired professions in the tech market by getting trained with 3Zenx’s best software training program. Since every software needs to be tested before it gets installed, software testing is a commonly employed technology. Our programme aims to give you a grasp on the most recent testing techniques from the basics of manual testing to the complexities of automated testing. By the end of the training, you become skilled and certified enough to meet the industry standards.

Manual Testing:

In 3Zenx’s Manual Testing Training Program the manual testing process, including requirement analysis, test plan construction, test case generation, execution, defect correction, and re-verification, will be covered. Additionally, you will have a thorough understanding of the various manual testing approaches, including White Box, Black Box, and Grey Box testing. Our professionals provide you with full guidance regarding the steps needed for manually testing the software.

ETL Training:

It’s referred to as ETL, or extract, transform, and load. Organizations use an ETL testing process to guarantee the correctness and quality of the data that is loaded, altered, and extracted. We provide you with the necessary knowledge in our ETL testing training to effectively plan the target data stores or source-to-target mapping. Our expert guidance makes the Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) process effortless for you.

Performance Testing:

Our performance testing program is a way to learn about the diagnostic information you need to improve the system’s performance. The types of software performance testing, the steps involved in performance, and the tricks and tips to solve the problems encountered during the testing process will be taught in detail to you. Companies must properly test their software before releasing it, and as technology advances, greater testing strategies and initiatives will be needed. Become the person that industries look for by getting skilled with our training.

TOSCA Training:

Software applications can be tested using Tricentis Tosca, a software testing tool. The best TOSCA training in Hyderabad is provided by 3Zen with extremely talented professionals. The course curriculum is tailored for both the basic and expert levels for better understanding. Every aspect of utilizing Tosca, installing it, comprehending its syntax, and creating test cases, will be guided through by our experts. Students who complete all of the courses offered by 3Zenx are awarded a certificate that has the potential to greatly advance their career advancement.

API Testing:

A collection of conventions, procedures, and instruments for creating software applications is called an Application Programming Interface (API). It outlines the interfaces that software components must have and gives developers access to data and web-based services. To progress in your career as an API Test Engineer, you will need to acquire the necessary skills and abilities. You will learn about API Testing, the Postman tool, making fast receipts, and other topics with 3Zenx’s API Testing course. To help you figure out the skills you have acquired, the course includes several exercises and projects on particular modules. Among the top suppliers of API technology are IBM Cloud, along with Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce.

Selenium Automation:

An open-source tool for web application automation testing is called Selenium. It is used to test web applications across various browsers and platforms to automate web browsers. It is employed to automate user-performed operations such as form filling, link clicking, and text verification while dealing with web applications. With 3Zenx’s Software testing course training, you’ll get a strong foundation in Selenium components, the Selenium IDE, and the TestNG framework, with Selenium Essentials. You can begin building automated test cases for any web application using the knowledge you get from this training.

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