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ETL Testing Course

3zenx is the only institute providing the best ETL testing training in hyderabad. They need top experienced industrial professionals as their trainers; they are working in top-rated MNCs and Corporates with years of real-time experience so that they will surely boost you to become the Best ETL tester. As their mentors are at present working; the ETL testing instructive program, we will typically plan for non-weekend days early mornings, non-weekend days late nights between, and adaptable timings on ends of the week.

Faculty with credentials and experience instruct our ETL testing certification course. Once you have finished 90% of the course, you will receive a certificate. You will be given practical assignments in your ETL offline lessons. The hybrid training model approach is what we use. You can always watch the recorded classes at your convenience because every session will be recorded and accessible through the internet. Additionally, we will give you real-world project experience, which will greatly enhance your understanding of the course. You will receive free practise exams, assignments, and projects as well as access to exclusive webinars as part of our ETL testing course.


  • How ETL Tester Works?
  • Pre requisites for ETL Testing.
  • What can be Data Sources?
  • Different ETL Tools available.
  • Data Ware House Solution.
  • What is ETL Process?
  • How Data WareHouse can be used?
  • Database vs. Data WareHouse
  • Different Reporting Tools available.
  • Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics.
  • Reporting in BI.
  • Etl as part of BI.
  • Business Intelligence(BI).
  • DCL commands: Grant, Revoke
  • Installation of Oracle
  • TCL Begin, Commit, Rollback
  • DML commands:Select,Insert, Update, Delete and Merge
  • DDL commands:Create, Alter, Rename and Drop
  • Northwind Sample Database
  • Sql Server Installation,sql management studio install
  • File v/s Database
  • Some more Conditional Cases.
  • Constraints: PRIMARY KEY,FOREIGN KEY integrity, CHECK constraint,UNIQUE,NOT NULL,UNIQUE with UNIQUE pair
  • Drop any constraint
  • Use of clauses: WHERE,LIKE,NOT LIKE
  • Operators: AND, OR
  • Distinct with count
  • Difference between Delete,Drop,Truncate with example.
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Group by, Group by+Where, Group by+Having, Group by+Where+Having
  • Ordering in SQL:ASC, DESC
  • Aggregate Functions - MAX,MIN,AVG,SUM and COUNT,Column aliasing
  • CONCAT String Function.
  • Filtering data using Clauses - where,LIKE,IN,NOT IN,IS NULL,IS NOT NULL,TOP AND DISTINCT
  • Auto increment: Identity key
  • How to add blank spaces to column values
  • String functions:LEN, LTRIM, RTRIM
  • Use of ROW_NUMBER(),NTILE(),CAST()
  • Introduction to sub queries
  • Comparison Operators in Sub Query
  • In/Not In
  • Exist/ Not Exist
  • LEFT TRIM, RIGHT TRIM in a single command
  • Arithemetic functions:SQRT, FLOOR, CEILING
  • Configure it for explaining table aliasing in detail
  • All the joins with table aliasing
  • Download AdventureWorks 2012
  • Self join, Left join, Right join
  • Joins:Inner join, Outer join,
  • Union all, Except
  • SET OPERATORS- Union, Intersection
  • Dense Ranking(): With partition, Without partition
  • Ranking(): With partition, Without partition
  • Comparison of Joins with Sub Queries
  • How to delete a stored procedure
  • View code from the back end of stored procedure
  • Parameterized and non Parameterized
  • How to pass values for parameters
  • How to alter stored procedure
  • Encrypt any stored procedure
  • 2 Ways to reach upto the code of stored procedure
  • Retrieve data from View
  • Delete any View
  • Create a View
  • Stored procedure
  • Configuration of Server and Client tools
  • Use of Oracle in configuring Informatica Client and Server
  • Role of oracle in informatica
  • Save commands in sql developer
  • Commands in Oracle SQL plus,SQL developer
  • Download and Installation of SQL Developer
  • Similarities, differences of sql plus and sql developer
  • Commands in oracle plus
  • Create new tables in new user and insert records
  • Create new user in sql developer
  • Delete the records and drop user with cascade
  • Installation of ETL tool Informatica
  • Use the backup file to restore the content.
  • Launch the Powercenter Informatica Server on browzer(Chrome/firefox).
  • Start the services for Informatica
  • Creating Integration Service.
  • What is Integration Service in Informatica Administrator Home page?
  • Creating Repository Service.
  • Link Client with server.
  • Configure Domain In Powercenter Repository manager.
  • Work with WorkFlow Monitor.
  • Work with Powercenter Designer.
  • Work with WorkFlow Manager.
  • Create a sample folder and then move on to backup and copying that repository service
  • Copy from Existing Repository Service.
  • Back Up of the existing Repository Service.
  • What is Repository Service in Informatica Administrator Home page?
  • Mapping Database to Database of Same user and Different user
  • Mapping Data from Database to Flat file
  • Create connection for Database Schema to take it as Source Data
  • Using flat files:txt,csv,xml,Database schema as Target data
  • Using flat files:txt,csv,xml,Database schema as Source Data
  • WorkFlow Manager : Create Session Task
  • WorkFlow Designer : Sources , Targets
  • Repository Manager : Create the memory Reference
  • Introduction to Repository Manager,Powercenter Designer,Workflow Manager,Work Flow monitor
  • java transformation
  • Aggregate Transformation
  • Filter Transformation
  • Expression Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Router Transformation
  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Lookup : Connected and Unconnected
  • normalizer transformation
  • Source Qualifier transformation
  • foodcost only for all plans
  • room rent only for all plans
  • room type wise bookings
  • room number wise bookings
  • room category wise bookings
  • meal plan wise bookings:ap,map,cp,ep
  • Some more transformations:use data of resort as source
  • use of procedures
  • more use of java transformation
  • Delete the tables from recycle bin(Purge)
  • SCD 2 with flag value.
  • SCD 2 with version number.
  • SCD 2 with Effective Date Range.
  • SCD 3
  • Export Informatica Client Objects.
  • Import all Informatica Client Objects
  • Client Objects : Sources, Targets, Mappings, WorkFlows.
  • Working with sample Project.
  • SCD 1
ETL testing by 3Zenx
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This Course Include

Skills Covered

Agile Methodology


Core Java

Jira's best practices


OOPS Concept

Page Object Model

Selenium Webdriver


API Testing

CICD Pipeline

Data-Driven Testing

Hybrid Framework

Test & Defects Management

Testing Process


TestNG Framework




DevOps Fundamentals

Django Framework





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)​

For information about ETL Testing please refer to the below questions

The market’s most widely used ETL tools are:

IBM- Websphere DataStage
Informatica- Power Center
SAP- Business objects data service BODS
SAS – Data Integration Studio
Oracle- Warehouse Builder
Open source Clover ETL.

databases, software testing cycle, and manual testing fundamentals.

Major corporations like Microsoft and Oracle Data are looking for specialists in this area. The scope for ETL testing is anticipated to expand in the future given the current demand.

It could be different for each company. However, these are the responsibilities that most people may expect after completing ETL Testing Training in Pune. QA Lead ETL Test Engineer Data Test Engineer

At 3Zenx, our ETL Testing Trainers have over ten years of experience in ETL Testing. They’ve worked on a number of real-time ETL testing projects.

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