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The finest Clinical SAS training in Hyderabad is provided by 3zenx, which enables students to fully comprehend the system and all of its capabilities. 

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Clinical SAS Course

With its popular SaS clinical training, 3ZenX is here to help you realise your ambition of working in the pharmaceutical or healthcare sector. You can learn how to conduct clinical trials, work with CDM (clean development mechanism) data, and get test results from statistical analysis by taking this course. One of the main job fields with a bright future is clinical SAS.

Come and register at the top clinical SaS training facility, which offers instruction in clinical SaS at all levels, from fundamental to advanced. Through live interactive sessions conducted by specialists with years of experience in the medical industry, we expose you to the fundamentals of SAS, including various forms of data, expressions, equations, correlations, and variables. You will receive training on using and analysing the clinical data obtained in earlier steps, manipulating the clinical data, conducting clinical research, using SAS software to perform statistical analysis, and producing reports from the clinical trials as you advance in SaS Clinical training. By participating in regularly scheduled assignments, you will get practical experience.

Special webinar sessions in our SaS Clinical course are well-known for allowing you to speak with professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical areas in real-time. You can connect with specialists during these sessions and get knowledge from their practical experiences that will help you on your path to become a clinical trial coder.

As you go through the SaS Clinical course, you will work on live projects that will give you experience working on actual projects before you ever consider exploring the pharmaceutical and medical industries. In order to assist you reach your learning objectives more quickly, our special support team, which is comprised of professionals, will answer all of your questions throughout this period.


  • Introduction of SAS software.
  • Industries using SAS
  • Components of SAS System.
  • Architecture of SAS system.
  • Functionality of SAS System.
  • Introduction of SAS windows
  • Functionality of SAS Windows.
  • Creating and managing SAS Libraries.
  • Overview of SAS Data states.
  • Types of Libraries.
  • Storing files temporarily and permanently.
  • Referencing SAS files.
  • Steps to create a SAS dataset.
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file with delimiters.
  • Creating SAS dataset using structured text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using unstructured text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using Excel file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using Access file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using values inside the code.
  • Concepts of output delivery system.
  • How ODS works and viewing output of ODS in different format.
  • HTML, RTF, PDF etc..
  • One-o-one reading
  • One to many
  • Many to many
  • Concatenation
  • Interleaving,
  • Match merge
  • Character function
  • Numerical function
  • Arithmetical function
  • Mathematical function
  • Date Function
  • Do Loop
  • Do While
  • Do Until
  • Definition of array
  • Example of array
  • Procedure Format.
  • Procedure Contents.
  • Procedure Options.
  • Procedure Append.
  • Procedure Compare.
  • Procedure Transpose.
  • Procedure Print.
  • Procedure Import.
  • Procedure Export.
  • Procedure Datasets.
  • Procedure Tabulate.
  • Procedure Chart, Gchart, Gplot.
  • Procedure Report.
  • Introduction to graphics.
  • Introduction to graphics.
  • Types of Graphics (with latest models)
  • Defining procedure Graphics.
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Studying SAS can help you improve in your current position or completely alter the direction of your career. Your marketability in the tech industry will increase as a result of your acquisition of one of the top skills that employers are looking for.

All the information relevant to the programming changes is kept there, which is a useful location. Users can look over the same to learn more about the changes they have made or those that are having an effect on the main domain. The reverse task may be completed in response to user desires.

CDISC – It stands for Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium 

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