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Digital Marketing is an important part of putting your business on the world wide web, and making websites visible and accessible to your target audience.

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Search Engine Marketing Course

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses paid advertising to increase visibility in search engines. In short, pay Google or Bing to promote your site in their organic search results.

You can use SEM to boost traffic to your site and improve your rankings. In addition, SEM helps generate leads and sales. If you want to start earning from your website, SEM is a great way.


  • What is Search Engine Marketing
  • Difference between SEM & SEO
  • Platforms of SEM
  • Why SEM Is Important for Running a Business
  • Push v/s Pull Marketing
  • Role Of User Intent in Paid Marketing
  • Campaign Setup Basics
  • Location Targeting
  • Ad Groups and Its importance In a Campaign
  • Extensions
  • Match Types
  • Bidding and optimization Strategies
  • Analyzing Search Terms - Keyword research and analysis
  • Ad Preview & Diagnosis
  • Negative Keywords
  • Demographics Adjustment
  • Extensions
  • Adjusting Locations
  • Advanced Bidding Adjustments
  • Live Exercise: Adjusting
  • Creating, Optimizing and Configuring Google Ads Account
  • Understanding different terminologies and Google Ads algorithm
  • Creating & optimizing search ads
  • Ad writing techniques to get maximum return
  • Understanding & creating display ads
  • How Ad auction works
  • Learn how to create an effective remarketing campaign
  • Create, target, test and monitor a display advertising campaign
  • Shopping ads with Google merchant center
  • Testing and optimizing your campaign using conversion tracker
  • Best Practices of Writing Ads
  • Effect Of Relevant Keywords on CPC.
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Creation of Smart Display Campaign
  • Creation of Standard Display Campaign
  • Creation of Gmail Campaign
  • Location targeting
  • Budget Setup
  • Bidding for Display Campaigns
  • Audience Targeting [demographic, in-market, affinity, remarketing]
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Topic Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Creation of responsive Ad Copy
  • Headline & Description Copywriting
  • Use of CTA Buttons
  • Use of custom Colors
  • Optimizing Landing Page
  • Creation of In-stream Skippable Ads
  • Creation of Video Discovery Ads
  • Creation of Bumper Ads
  • Creation of non-skippable instream Ads
  • Creation of Out stream Ads
  • Location targeting
  • Budget Setup
  • Bidding for Display Campaigns
  • Audience Targeting [demographic, in-market, affinity]
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Topic Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Frequency Capping Setup
  • Conversion Tracking Code Setup
  • Remarketing Audience Setup
  • Conversion Tracking Code Setup
  • Audience Creation
  • Remarketing List Setup
  • Custom URL Parameters
  • Policy Manager & Billing Settings
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This Course Include

Skills Covered

Google Analytics

Pay Per Click Course

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online Display Advertisement

Google Ads (PPC)

Mobile Marketing

Content Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Creating Marketing Strategy

E-Commerce Marketing

Blogging Adsense

Web Designing Without Coding

Black Hat Techniques

Affiliate Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ'S)

For more information about Search Engine Marketing please refer to the below questions

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a cost effective way of generating highly relevant leads. The best thing about SEM is that it offers contextual targeting, which helps you to target audience based on their interests, location, demographics, time and so on.

SEM campaign is based on CPC (Cost-per-click) advertisement model. You only need to pay when a user clicks on your ad. Also unlike SEO, it starts immediately and you will start getting results as soon as you start the campaign.

If you are student or fresher pass out looking for the job opportunities, then this course is for you to become a useful resource for a company and acquire the skills required by the market.

Well looking at the market size and scenarios along with the kind of skill you hold, it ranges from Rs.6000 INR to Rs.450,000 INR per month or more and remember sky is the limit if your are passionate digital marketer.

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Alternate Batches

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Weekend Batches

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Sunday Batches

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