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Performance Testing Course

Our Performance Testing Institute in Hyderabad provides 100+ hours of training, instructor-led live classes, and a 24/7 online portal to answer your questions whenever you have them. By taking additional sessions for clarification, you can quickly master this challenging course. You will receive a certificate after successfully completing the course to highlight your testing abilities. Additionally, we will provide you hands-on experience working on real-world projects, which will greatly enhance your exposure to applying what you learn in this course. We use a blended training model approach, so you will take both in-person and online courses as well as online learning. You can always watch the recorded classes at your convenience because every session will be recorded and accessible through the internet.

You will become industry- and corporate-ready through placement training, which includes interview preparation, resume advice, and pointers. You will be able to overcome the hurdles of your seniors and learn from their experiences by interacting with alumni. By giving you an understanding of the real-world issues that arise when building and automating web browsers, this performance testing course will assist you in having a meaningful learning experience. Your dream career with top corporate firms will be made possible by your project experience, placement training, and training certificate.

You will be able to monitor application performance, comprehend project life cycles, and know how to load web apps after completing this course.



    ● What Is performance?
    ● What is performance testing and performance engineering?
        ● Performance engineering essential needs 
        ● Performance testing introduction
        ● Why performance testing?
        ● When should we start performance testing?
        ● Types of performance testing?
        ● Is cache needed… for performance
        ● N-tier architecture
        ● Key business scenarios identification
        ● Various testing tools and evaluation
        ● Introduction about Load Runner
        ● Components of Load Runner
        ● Load Runner License Information 

● Step I: Plan load test
        ● Step II: Create virtual user scripts
        ● Step III: Create a scenario 
        ● Step IV: Run load test
        ● Step V:  Analyze results
        ● Step VI: Tune based on results

● Create a performance test plan
        ● Production system usage
        ● Performance environment details
        ● Service Level Agreements
        ● Transactions per Hour (TPH)
        ● DB volumes / Test data
        ● Test schedules

        ● Installing and set up of a demo project
        ● Setting tom cat, apache and mysql port
        ● Using the project for performance test 

        ● Objectives of Virtual user generator
        ● Load runner protocols
        ● Web (HTTP/HTML)
        ● General options
        ● Recording options
        ● Create a new script
        ● Understanding c
        ● Create few sample scripts in c
        ● Understand the basic concepts of c which is need
        ● Modify our performance script based on concepts of c
        ● Run time settings
        ● Pacing time
        ● Think times
        ● Types of Parameterization & setup
        ● Types of Correlation & setup
        ● Manual correlation
        ● Auto correlation
        ● Correlation rules
        ● Text check point
        ● Script debugging
        ● Few sample functions
        ● Perform the same action on a live application

        ● Objectives of Controller
        ● Introduction about Controller (Scenarios, Vusers)
        ● Types of Scenarios - Manual and Goal
        ● Scheduling Scenario - Scheduled by group and Schedule by Scenario
        ● Preparation of Load Modelling sheet
        ● Introduction about Monitors and Counters
        ● Counters configuration - Web, App and DB servers
        ● What is a Load generator? Why it's needed
        ● Load generator setup and calculating the maximum users that can be loaded
        ● Connecting to different load generator
        ● Run time settings
        ● Scenario execution
        ● Monitoring Windows and Unix system resources
        ● Online Scenario monitoring

        ● Introduction about Analysis
        ● Introduction about Graphs, Settings
        ● How to create report (Word and HTML)
        ● Perfmon counters
        ● Configuring Online Graphs
        ● About Online Monitor Graphs
        ● Configuring Graph Properties
        ● Configuring Graph Measurements 
        ● Merging Graphs 
        ● Viewing Data Offline 
        ● Available Graphs Tree

        ● Create a final performance test results document by setting counters
        ● Analyse the graph and find the bottleneck in application
        ● Tweak the server
        ● Repeat the test and launch the stable application

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This Course Include

Skills Covered

Agile Methodology


Core Java

Jira's best practices


OOPS Concept

Page Object Model

Selenium Webdriver


API Testing

CICD Pipeline

Data-Driven Testing

Hybrid Framework

Test & Defects Management

Testing Process


TestNG Framework




DevOps Fundamentals

Django Framework





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

For information about Performance Testing please refer to the below questions

Enrol in our performance testing institute to receive training in performance monitoring and tool use for online and application performance.

Experienced testers’ salaries can range from 3-5 lakhs per annum.

It is in demand with good pay packages, as companies require performance testers to test their products before release.

On our main courses, 3Zenx offers 100% placement support. We assist you with career advising, key course exams, mock interviews, and technical interview tips.

Getting an interview demonstrates that you have the necessary job-specific abilities for the position, but how do your interview skills compare? Furthermore, soft skills are frequently the most significant component in demonstrating that you are the finest candidate for the job.


Your access to the Support Team is permanent and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The team will assist you in resolving any issues that arise during and after the training.

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