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People may learn how to properly utilize the platform with Salesforce training in Hyderabad, which will enable them to perform more productively and successfully.

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Salesforce Course

Increased employment opportunities: As more companies invest in Salesforce training, there is an increased need for knowledgeable people who can utilise the platform efficiently. By enrolling in the 3zenx for Salesforce training and placement institution in Hyderabad, people may acquire the skills and information necessary for a job in this industry.

Customer loyalty and happiness may be boosted when businesses provide superior customer service and support, as demonstrated by the Salesforce training in Hyderabad. By mastering Salesforce, individuals may assist their businesses in providing a better customer experience.

Better data management is made possible by Salesforce training courses, which provide organisations the tools they need to gather and evaluate consumer data and get insightful knowledge of their preferences and habits. Through Salesforce, individuals may learn how to efficiently handle and evaluate data.


  • Creating Users, Bulk Users, Import Users
  • Creating Security Profiles
  • Creating Roles- Organization Chart – Territory, Product, Size Based & Mixed
  • Creating Groups- Public & Private
  • Queues
  • Permission Sets
  • Org. Base Time, Language, Currency
  • Login and Network
  • Fiscal Year Management
  • Holidays, Business Hours
  • Territory Creation
  • Territory Chart, Rules, Assignments
  • Inherited Rules
  • Profile based Security
  • Permission Sets
  • Field Security
  • OWD(Organization wide Defaults), Sharing Rules
  • Password Policy, Login Policy, Network, Activation
  • Session Management
  • Delegated Administration
  • Single sign on settings, Remote Site Settings
  • File and Document Upload security
  • Domain Management
  • Leatherhead’s, Com Email Templates, Mail Merge Templates
  • Translation Settings
  • Labels Import and Exports
  • Email Compliance and settings ,Email BCC, Email to Salesforce
  • Org Wide email
  • Emails Signatures, Footers, Attachment

   Salesforce 1 – Branding, Settings

  • Salesforce Classic- Access, Profile, Data, Users, Device, Views.
  • Mobile Access Profile and Mobile Security(Android, IOS, Windows)
  • Mobile Data Access Management – Custom and System Objects, Condition, Size Limit, Filters, Mobile Session Management
  • Mobile Device Access and Bindings
  • Sales Force Offline Briefcase Profile – Data Security, Access, Limits, Conditions, Filters
  • Sales Force Desktop Outlook Management – Sync Settings, Mappings, Data, HTTPS Etc.


  • Developing Custom Reports – Tabular, Summary, Matrix, Joined and Complex
  • Graphs, Charts & Labels
  • Report Filters & Conditions (Simple & Complex), Groupings
  • Dashboard Development
  • Data Extraction and Export
  • Report Scheduling (Auto Email)

        ● Introduction about Analysis
        ● Introduction about Graphs, Settings
        ● How to create report (Word and HTML)
        ● Perfmon counters
        ● Configuring Online Graphs
        ● About Online Monitor Graphs
        ● Configuring Graph Properties
        ● Configuring Graph Measurements 
        ● Merging Graphs 
        ● Viewing Data Offline 
        ● Available Graphs Tree

        ● Create a final performance test results document by setting counters
        ● Analyse the graph and find the bottleneck in application
        ● Tweak the server
        ● Repeat the test and launch the stable application

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ'S)

For more information about salesforce please refer to the below questions

In the manufacturing and financial industries, there is a strong need for Salesforce roles.

Due of its great demand across several industries in India, it is a vocation that offers stability.

It requires very little to no coding. However, having understanding, JavaScript, and Java is helpful.

The ideal candidates for this online Salesforce course are solution designer engineers, system administrators, solution architects, and software developers.

Yes, newcomers are welcome to enroll in our online Salesforce course. Our knowledgeable instructors use a straightforward teaching style to make all Salesforce subjects and ideas clear. This means that even a novice may pick up concepts quickly, acquire abilities, and advance their career in the Salesforce field.

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