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Power Automate

You can only learn to automate recurrent processes by taking Microsoft power automate course in Hyderabad. Other items like power apps and power bi are compatible with this power automate training. You may automate recurring chores like sending emails of reminders or automatic notifications at a specific time with the aid of power automate training in Hyderabad. This course is intended for developers, managers, and learners who want to improve their Microsoft Power Automate skills as well as those who want to build and create automated workflows.

We provide you with fundamental to advanced power automate training in Hyderabad. The Power Automate environment will be covered first, then fundamentals like connectors, loops, and templates. You will be given tasks and workshops throughout the course where you will learn how to design a workflow and control it using controls, sophisticated connectors, running UI flows, and business process-specific flows. You will learn error handling, functions, and custom expressions through virtual interaction sessions with subject-matter experts. Additionally, they will instruct you on the dos and don’ts of the Power Automate platform. As you complete your power automate training in Hyderabad, you’ll work on genuine projects with the assistance of knowledgeable mentors to provide you real-world experience with the programme. We combine classroom instruction, online instruction, and e-learning.

By giving you pre-placement training through mock interviews, resume building, interview tips from professionals, and training you on your communication skills, we support your goals and work to help you establish yourself as a Microsoft power automate expert with top corporate companies. We ensure that all of your questions are answered via WhatsApp, email, and phone calls with a dedicated team available around-the-clock. 3ZenX is the top power automate training centre in Hyderabad since we provide all of this as a part of our power automate training there.


  • What is Microsoft Power Automate?
  •  The benefits of automation
  •  How to get to Power Automate

• Setup Office 365
• Download Course Files
• Customise your App Launcher
• Create accounts for colleagues

• Using Power Automate templates
• Navigating in Power Automate
• Editing a Power Automate
• Publish and trigger a Power Automate
• Turn off or delete a Power Automate

• Create a Team with a channel
• Build an absence business process
• Testing the absence process
• Optional: Create Feedback Form
• Optional: Power Automate to Notify of Bad
• Optional: Test your Form and Power

• Working with files
• Databases
• Filter, sort and search formulas
• If and Select
• Accessing on-premises sources
• The common data source
• Sharing data sources

• Adding conditions
• Designing switches
• Using apply to each
• Configuring do until logic
• Adding a scope

• Setup a policy library in SharePoint
• Design a policy review schedule
• Testing the policy review process
• Optional: Notify if a file nears review

• Standard and premium connectors
• Connecting to web services
• Using Flow with on-premises data

• Create a new orders list
• Designing the price check process
• Testing the price check process
• Optional: Update with managers

• Downloading the mobile app
• Signing in and account management
• Building and managing Power Automates
• Creating buttons
• Feeds and approvals

• Setting up the Power Automate mobile app
• Create a new Power Automate in the mobile
• Using Power Automate buttons in the app
• Uninstall the Power Automate mobile app

Power Automata by 3Zenx
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The Listening and Reading parts of the IELTS test  are scored out of 40 and then converted  to a  band score which ranges  from  band 1  to  band 9.The Listening and Reading tests contain 40 questions and each correct question will be awarded 1 mark (so the maximum a test  taker can score here is 40).  Band scores, ranging from band 1 to band 9, are  awarded based on the raw score

The Listening, Reading, and Writing parts of the test are completed immediately after each other on the same day.  Speaking test on the same day, or up to 7 days before or after your test date.

If you take IELTS on computer, the Speaking test will be taken  either before, or after the other three parts of the test.

If you take an IELTS on computer test, the Reading, Writing and Listening parts of the IELTS test are completed on a computer, but the Speaking test is Virtual or face-to-face with an IELTS examiner.

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