UI/UX Designing Course in Hyderabad

Through interactive examples 3Zenx provides, the UX UI Design Course from Scratch ensures that you will acquire the most recent research methods, ideation, and visual design skills.

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UI/UX Designing Course

There are multiple UI UX institutes  that offer various UI and UX design courses. The course structure, however, distinguishes 3Zenx UI Design Course from UX Design Course. 3Zenx s UI UX design course was created by industry specialists that have spent years in this business and know what works best. Our UI UX design certificate program, which combines the best of both online and in-classroom courses, is the ideal choice for anyone looking for the best UI UX design training in Delhi. If you are seeking for a comprehensive UI UX design education , 3Zenx   is the appropriate UI UX college for you.

The 3Zenx program is ideal for UI/UX designers and the growing demand in the market for mobile apps and effective websites. The 12-week course focuses on the industry’s latest tools and trends, offering students the skills they need to compete in the employment market. Students will learn how to develop compelling user experiences as well as design and implement user-friendly interfaces.


  • Orientation & Onboarding
  • Introduction to UX & UI Design
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Introduction to Problem Brief
  • Design Tool explorationIn
  • Understanding Empathy
  • User Research methods
  • Conducting Secondary Research
  • Conducting Primary Research
  • Questionnaire and User Interview
  • Analysing Research Data
  • Creating Affinity Mapping
  • Understanding User Persona
  • Creating User Personas
  • Creating Experience Maps
  • Understanding User Flow
  • Understanding Task flow
  • Difference between User & Task flow
  • Creating Sitemap
  • Content Strategy
  • Mobile Navigation
  • Understanding UX Writing
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Understanding Interaction Design
  • UI Design Fundamentals
  • Types of Testing
  • Planning and Preparing Testing
  • Creating a Questionnaire for Testing
  • Conducting Usability Testing
  • Developers Hand off P
  • Understanding Grid system
  • Low Fidelity Wireframe
  • UI Components
  • Introduction to Material Design
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes
  • Creating UI Design
  • Alignment & Layout
  • Negative Space
  • Creating Wireframe in Figma
  • Prototyping in Figma
  • Understanding Color Psychology
  • Moodboards & Color Palette
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Creating Type Scale
  • Theming & Branding
  • Iconography
  • Adding Shadows
  • Visual Hierarchy & Spacing
  • Aesthetic Usability Effect
  • Refining Visual Design
  • Portfolio platforms
  • Case Study Structure
  • Case Study compilation
  • Publishing case study on Medium
  • Publishing case study on BehanceP
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ'S)

For more information about UI/UX Designing please refer to the below questions

The course is a combination of both UX & UI. The curriculum is designed in a way to keep it industry standard to teach you things which are most required as a UX UI Designer

Sketch and Adobe XD are traditional desktop apps — built for designers to work in isolation and share their designs when ready. We prefer Figma over the other tools because it is widely used for collaboration purposes where multiple users can work on the same document at the same time. As a result, this will be beneficial for you while working with your mentor and your team members.

No. coding is not mandatory. Design and Development are 2 separate departments. If a company is expecting you to collaborate/communicate with developers as designers, that is fine. But in case they ask you to code and design, that’s not a sign of a UX Mature company. Our placements team helps you connect with the right companies who understand the value of a UI UX Designer

This course is for anyone who wants to upskill themselves to get more opportunities in their career and is interested in creative problem-solving. Students and Working professionals from any stream of Engineering/ Commerce/ Arts/ MBA/ Graphic Design/ Fashion Design/ Architecture can apply for admission in the UI UX design Course components to better web apps and our job opportunities as IT experts.

To start a career in UI UX design, you don’t need a degree. Companies value your practical knowledge more than only a certificate/degree. Your knowledge about UX UI Design Process/Methods, Communication Skills, and Portfolio is the major criteria for getting the best opportunities..

You will be working on Mobile Application Project throughout your course. The project will start from Day 1 itself, where your Mentor will tell you how you work on the project. You will have the flexibility to choose a Problem Brief or the Mobile Application project you want to work on from a curated list of mobile applications given. In the end, this is the project which we will help you showcase in your Design Portfolio..

There is no prior UX knowledge or experience required for the UI UX Design from Scratch course. Participants in the UI UX design course come from a variety of backgrounds. Learners range from students to working professionals. We teach you everything from the ground up and prepare you for the industry.

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Regular Batches

If you are a student and can manage to come on a regular basis, then 3Zenx recommends that you enroll yourself in regular batches. Our schedule for regular batches is from Monday to Friday, five days a week.

Alternate Batches

Alternate Batches

If you would like to invest your time for practicing at home, then 3Zenx recommends you to enroll yourself for alternate batches. 3Zenx conducts alternate batches in which you need to come 3 Days a week on alternate basis.

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Weekend Batches

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Weekend Batches

In case if you are having a busy schedule from Monday to Saturday, then 3Zenx recommends you to enroll yourself for a Sunday Special Batch. However, you need to discuss the timings with our trainers.

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