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Integrated digital marketing combines several digital marketing strategies into one cohesive plan. Incorporating allows businesses to reach their target audience through multiple channels at once. The task is to initiate single campaign that works on various digital channels, platforms to reach customers widely.
Integrated digital marketing is a way to increase sales and revenue through social media, SEO, PPC, email marketing, etc. With integrated marketing campaigns, it’s easier for buyers to connect with businesses in more personal ways than ever before. Businesses can access new markets and customer bases by reaching out to people where they are rather than trying to make them come to your site or business. It also increases conversion rates by lowering the number of steps between browsing, interest, and buying.

While these tactics may differ by industry and business size, there’s no reason why every company should have to manage each channel separately—which often requires its staff, budget and time commitment.
We will highlight all the major platforms in this course, that almost covers to create integrated digital marketing strategy:
1. Search Engine Optimization – Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.
2. Pay Per Click Advertising – Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.
3. Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
4. Content Marketing Strategies – Email Marketing, Blogs, Newsletters, Articles, etc.
5. Mobile Apps – iPhone Applications, iPad Applications, Android Applications, etc.
6. Lead Generation Campaigns – Email Lists, Web Forms, Quiz Applications, Survey Application, etc.
7. Website Design and Development.
8. Online Reputation Management – Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Moz, Bings Local Listing, etc.


This training program has been created to provide our students with some of the latest methods for working in integrated digital marketing today. As part of this course, our instructors will teach you how to set up and run effective SEO, PPC, social media accounts, content marketing, website design and development, mobile apps, lead generation campaigns, online reputation management, etc.!

You will have a complete understanding to connect various platforms to one campaign. At the end of the course, you will be able to create an integrated digital marketing strategy on your own. You’ll also get instant access to us so that we’re always just a call away if you have any questions or concerns. So, don’t wait any longer – register today.



8 Lesson / Lifetime

  • Create and implement a capstone project
  • How to identify the best digital strategy to advance your business
  • Marketing techniques and strategies
  • Sales tactics
  • 360° evaluation
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