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Advanced marketing analytics (AMA) uses data analysis to improve marketing strategies. AMA helps marketers gain insights into their customers’ behaviour, preferences, and other information to create better campaigns.
It’s important to note that AMA isn’t just limited to marketing. The term also applies to any data collection or analysis. For example, it can include customer service, sales, finance, and operations.


We will cover a few critical components of AMA:
• Data – What are your data sources? From which source do you get the data? What type of data do you generate in-house? If not, what tools are available? Which marketing analytics software are you using?
• Process – How often do you collect new data? Do you validate, sort & organize the data you generate? Are all reports created by a single person or team? How much time and do you invest for generating and validating the data?
• Metrics – How much time and money did it take to execute these goals? How well were they achieved? Regarding how they perform against each other, what was most successful? Who performed best?
Our advanced analytics course will introduce you to some critical concepts behind advanced marketing analytics.
Includes defining what advanced marketing analytics is, highlighting its importance, and discussing what types of businesses have used it for success.
You’ll also learn where this data comes from and which industries are more likely to use advanced analytics.



8 Lesson / Lifetime

  • Web data analytics and insights
  • Deliver actionable data driven business insights
  • Reports, Segmentation, Qualitative research.
  • Dashboards & different advance
  • Analytics Platforms
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